Developments and commercial projects 

    Omega Green developed algae culturing system focussing on large scale and low investments since 2010. In the Eemshaven (The Netherlands) we have a development and production facility as well as a demo-unit. Since 2015 we have tested our standard module of 2500m2. This module is the base for scaling up to hectares.


    Our services:

    • Design of algae culturing plants
    • Engineering
    • Construction
    • Start up algae culturing
    • Maintenance
    • Trouble shooting
    • Consultancy down stream processing


    Morocco, Safi (2019)
    The completion (2019) of the first hectare out of 10 hectares.

    The Netherlands, Eemshaven (2015)
    A standard unit of 2500 m2 .

    Germany, Melle (2018)  
    A unit in Germany used for fresh water algae 

    The Netherlands, Eemshaven ( 2015)
    In our development facility in the Eemshaven our runways offer the possibility to select algae strains and optimize the production parameters.