The potential of algae realized


Omega Green has developed a sustainable production method to culture aquatic crops on an agricultural scale.

The production method is sustainable because flue gases, waste heat and residual nutrient streams are up-cycled to fertilize the aquatic crops. These inputs, combined with effective sunlight use, let the photosynthetic process flow. This takes place in low cost plastic bioreactors that can be setup modularly and are easily scalable. With a simple heating technique the disposable reactors are kept on the right temperature and thereby have an extended productive season within moderate climates.

Algae has a green future. Taken by areal protein production these crop is far more productive than every other arable crop. Besides protein, algae also contain essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. They have been the basis of the marine food web for millions of years and species can be found in every imaginable water body.



Algae, growing greener

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